The Importance Of Zoonotic Diseases

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“One Health is the integrative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment” (Musoke, Ndjjo, Atusingwize & Ali, 2016). Based on that statement, health care professionals are responsible for ensuring that the community is made aware if there is any outbreaks or threats and provide education to help the public understand how to protect themselves. Also, it is not a new concept that emerging infections have been introduced to communities; furthermore, human life has been treating by microbial as well as viruses for centuries. Diseases can be transmitted via different routes, and one of the routes that human gets exposed to disease is from animals which…show more content…
Their primary role is to work toward a prevention and control system. After all, it is required to handle this type of conditions differently since its mode of transmission is not from human-to-human. Although it could be challenging to manage human to human diseases, animal to human seems to be more difficult (Gilchrist, 2002). To safely and comprehensively control zoonoses, public health professionals and among them, the researchers collaborate to conduct many secondary studies on the disease process and best mode of prevention. With that said, their role does not end there, but they are also responsible for continuing researching on better ways to improve public safety while emerging disease are emerging. With that said, all public health professionals as independent scientific and administrative leaders, are also responsible for educating themselves about the zoonotic infectious agents as well as understanding the mode of transmission, their hosts, their biology including their history. As it is mentioned in the scenario, this issue is not a common problem in the area. Public health professionals need to also understand the severity and priority of a zoonotic disease issue; therefore, this matter must not be put on the "later…show more content…
Unfortunately, due to the mode origin of zoonotic diseases, it remains inevitable; however, there are many approaches that public health professionals can take to prevent the spread of these diseases. It is also as important to focus on the isolation, prevention, and treatment of animals that have the disease since that is the most frequent route human can be exposed to such diseases. Also, as a culturally diverse community, some human may eat cats; therefore, it is crucial to educate the public accordingly about butchering cats for consumption. After all, the role of the public health professional does not diminish; instead, it amplified as technology evolves. For example, it is vital for the healthcare professional to use the correct database system to obtain and transmit educational materials on how to handle the issue on hand. Accessing funding for program sustainment is also an essential part of the public health professionals’ role. Animal wellbeing, the air, water, and the environment are all areas of importance for the public health professionals. It is required to have more than just basic knowledge to handle and control any outbreaks, and most certainly controlling zoonotic outbreaks is not easy. Also, it is the goal of public health professionals to collaborate together and with other teams so that they can efficiently and safely provide the help needed by the

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