The Importanceptions In Communication And The Process Of Communication

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Message conveys information. A message is transmitted through communica t ion that is the process of interaction between the sender and receiver. Communication is transfer of information from one person to another person (Brown, 2012). A clear message is transferred to receiver by sender. The communication happens when the receiver understand the messages. In general, communication process consists of six steps namely start a message, encodes message, transmits message, receives message, decodes message and lastly gives feedback (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). Firstly, the process of communication occurs with a source or start a message. The communication is started when the message source is initiated by a sender, and it is delivered to another parties which is the receiver. Moreover, the content of a message is facts, thoughts or ideas that expressed by the receiver (Narula, 2006). Before delivering the message to the receiver, the sender develops or conceptualises message. For example, a teacher in school provides the information about the particular topic before start teaching the class and choose the efficient method to deliver the information that understood by the students. Encodes message is the second process of communication. It is the translation of the information into a message by the sender before deliver it to another parties. In addition, usually the sender represent information in the form of symbols or word in the message. Furthermore, it is crucial for

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