How Did Life Influence Shakespeare's Life

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William Shakespeare: Life and Influence
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”― William Shakespeare, All 's Well That Ends Well. William Shakespeare 's early life and experiences help shape his writings. His sometimes extravagant metaphors and narcissistic outlook was influenced by an early life in a theoretically based culture in theaters prime in London England during the late 1500s- early 1600s. His rise to fame brought some of the most influential plays and sonnets of all time. Arguably one of the most influential writers in all of existence, William Shakespeare 's work is continuing to be told and inspires similar works throughout American literary works today. Different renditions of his plays in spin-offs and parodies can be found in the hundreds in just movies alone, even 400 plus years after his death. These plays and sonnets are memorable due to their raw emotion and exaggerated turmoils.
The life and experiences of William Shakespeare are quite simplistic for such an influential and intricate writer such as
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Romeo and Juliet is arguably one of the most influential pieces of writing in history. Published in 1597 and introduced major themes and motifs that would recur throughout literature since it was published. The story is about two lovers from rival families, their love is so powerful they end up both committing suicide because their love drove them to. The theme of love is arguably the main theme of the story. Love is what the story pivots on. Love is seen as a very forceful influence that forces the main characters to commit acts seen as unorthodox. Love acts as a force that drives the story forward and acts as an unstoppable force. Another well seen theme in Romeo and Juliet is fate. Some characters are bound by fate to die, known as ‘death-marked’ characters. Romeo and Juliet are tied by fate to die. This is just one of the many very influential works of William
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