The Important Role Of Isis In Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Isis was another goddess that the ancient Egyptians believed in. She was the patron of health, marriage, magic, commoners, nature, and wisdom to the ancient Egyptians. Her affiliation with these aspects of life, especially magic and health, made Isis pivotal to the ancient Egyptian religion and the ancient Egyptian culture. Isis is described as a woman who adorns a headdress shaped like a throne who holds a Ankh in her hand. An Ankh is an object which resembles a cross but having a loop at the top. Ankhs were used in ancient Egypt to act as a symbol of life. The Ankh also appeared in the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet. Moreover, her embodiment of the throne made her the symbol of a pharaoh's powers, and exemplified her importance in the ancient Egyptian cultural hierarchy.…show more content…
This put Isis near the top of deities when it came to importance. Later in her life, Isis married Osiris, who is the lord of the dead, afterlife, and the underworld, but also as the god of regeneration and resurrection. After many tragedies and to the horror of Isis, Seth, her husband's brother, who was jealous of Osiris' importance and fame, killed the lord of the dead, who was currently the patron of civilization. Seth sent the casket of Osiris with his body in it into the Nile River. Isis, who uncovered what Seth had done, set out to find her husband's coffin. When she found it near the land of Byblos in modern day Lebanon, she cut away the trees around it and wept so strongly and intently that the kings younger sons "died of

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