The Impositive Essay And Positive Impacts Of Social Media

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The Impacts of Social Media
First of all, I want to introduce about social media. Social media is always used by people. People nowadays can’t live without social media. Social media is a mediated of technologies that can sharing information and getting knowledge by networks. Social media is an interactive internet so we can interactive with far distances people. Social media also has many positive impacts and many negative impacts as long as we can use social media very well and we don’t addicted with social media.
Social media is a useful tool to people but many people get negative impacts from social media. For the example, envious. We can feel envy with our friends or our cousins in social media. We can feel envy with them because they have upper live. Such as they have expensive and executive goods, branded bags, clothes, shoes, and travel to overseas. So that we can feel dissatisfaction for our belongings. Sometimes, if we always feel envy and dissatisfaction, we can get stressed.
By social media, we can feel arrogant. This is a negative impact is often done by many people. It means we create our own world, we always alone in our real lives. Because we don’t notice our environment and surroundings. We become an ignorant person, we only notice with our social media and living in our own world. We don’t have friends in our real lives, we only have many friends in social media. Thus, we don’t have friends to help us because we very ignore with our friends.
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