The Impression Of Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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While reading, Faber, an old man said “The day in the park, when we sat together, I knew that someday you might drop by with fire or friendship.” (86-87) In comparison, the quote relates to everyone’s social life from our society when you meet new people. Also, it relates to our judginess. When you meet new people, you have a first impression on them, it could be good or bad and it could change when you get to know the person much better. For example, in the passage, it seems that Faber knew that Montag was a fireman and he was very scared of him. Then, when they kinda got closer, he didn 't expect that Montag is a book reader. Faber’s impression of Montag changed from a book burner into a book reader, this shows that people judges others from
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