Ken Robinson's Argument Of Creativity

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1.Robinson argues that education systems and society are at fault for the low amount of creativity found in students.

2. Ken Robinson suggests there is a decrease in creativity as a result of an academic inability to nurture individualism as well as a societal pressure to become academically similar. Robinson effectively brings to mind the inadequacy of the education system by addressing its failure in equalizing the importance of all subjects and developing different types of intelligence. His line of reasoning mainly built upon a logical narrative that succeeds in persuading his audience.
Robinson claims the fine arts are not placed on the same pedestal as core subjects like mathematics, science, and literature. As such, when the education
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Robinson goes on to show Lynne’s deficiency in education was almost mistaken as a mentally handicapped Lynne instead of the professional ballet Lynne accepted today. Gillian 's Potential could have been overlooked because she was viewed as academically inferior. This evidence is undoubtedly strong in connection to Robinson’s argument as it may be the most relatable evidence in his argument. In fact, this anecdotal evidence would fill the audience with emotions which may be the most influential in terms of persuasion. The evidence would increase the credibility of Robinson’s claim by providing the audience with a real life example and prove the fault in our education system.
Sir Ken Robinson advocated for a change in the education system and societal perception as a result of the decreasing creativity in children. In order to accomplish this, Robinson relied primarily on anecdotal stories with little statistical data to support his claims. Even though this is the case, Robinson’s argument is mainly effective in conveying his claim. The anecdotal stories have the most impactful relation to his claim because they offer substantial connections to the audience. The qualitative evidence also makes Robinson’s claim seem prominent in
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