The Incca Empire In South America

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The Incas ruled a fantastic Empire in South America, but not until the Spaniards invaded the Empire and destroyed it in no time.
The expansion began in 1438 led by a ruler called Pachacuti and continued under his generations.
In about 1300 the Incas founded their capital city, Cuzco. Inca was only an itsy-bitsy tribe, however, not until they covered most of Peru and parts of Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and northwest Argentina.
Since they lived in mountain ranges, they were able to attack the enemies from the top and get a load of fresh food and water from the woods and lakes.Inca houses were very simple. The houses usually had only one room (though some houses did have an upper story with a wooden floor). Inca homes did not have furniture. They
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The prisoners of war were sacrificed by having their hearts cut out.
The most important god was Huitzilopochtli the god of war and the sun. Next it’d be Tlaloc the god of rain (if there was a drought the Aztecs sacrificed babies to the rain god, believing their babies tears would bring rain). Last it’d be Quetzalcoatl the god of learning and wind.Maize was the main crop of the Aztecs. Aztec women planted the maize into flour on a stone slab with a stone roller. It was then made into flour and baked into a kind of pancake called a tortilla.
The Aztecs also ate tomatoes, avocados, beans and peppers, as well as pumpkins, squashes, peanuts and amaranth seeds. They also ate fruits such as limes and cactus.
To grow food Aztec farmers didn’t have animals to mend the land, but instead they used digging sticks. The Aztecs created small islands on marshy lakes called chinampas. Aztecs also fished in the lakes and caught water birds.Upper class Aztecs wore cotton clothes and feather headdresses. Normal Aztecs wore clothes made from plant fibre. Men wore loin cloths and cloaks tied with a knot at one shoulder. Women wore wrap around skirts and tunics with short

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