The Incompetence Of Tsar Nicholas II And The 1917 Russian Revolution

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The incompetence of Tsar Nicholas II surrounding and leading up to the events which caused the outbreak of the 1917 Russian Revolution can be said to be the main cause of this event as all the main causes can be traced back to the Tsar’s lack of the leadership skills required to run Russia successfully through times of war and national reform. Tsar Nicholas’ failure to adapt to the changing politics of European society and command his country with the strength and skills needed led directly to the causes of the 1917 February/March revolution through his neglect during the 1905 revolution as well as contribution to the causes of those uprisings, the lack or incompletion of social and economic reforms throughout Russia at the turn of the 20th century, Russia’s involvement in World War 1 (WW1) and the Tsar’s incompetence in military leadership, and the failing of the backward thinking Romanov rule as Russian civilians became disillusioned by their Tsar by the suffering indirectly implemented on them by his mistakes.

The 1905 revolution is one of the main events which led up to the revolution in 1917. This uprising was caused primarily by the Russo-Japanese war, the political policies of the Tsar, the Bloody Sunday massacre, the failure of modernisation and industrialisation, and the October manifesto.
Russia’s involvement in a war with Japan in 1904 was a fatal mistake for the Tsar as he misjudged the strength of the Japanese and because of this Russia went through

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