The Incredible Jumping Frog Analysis

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Twain’s “The Incredible Jumping Frog”
The precarious ole day was coming to an end, while the rain seemed to be lurking above, ready to pour out, I was walking home through the terrain. There wasn’t much to do on a day like today. All I had done was listen to a fellow go on and on monotonously about racing animals. I couldn’t help but think about that garrulous old man Simon Wheeler and the continuation of the story of Leonidas W. Smiley’s frog. Wheeler heard his name called from the courtyard. He completely cut the story short. I couldn’t go on without knowing for sure the ending. That is when I raced back to good ole Wheelers abode. He was trimming the yard. I was walking in, head spinning with cogitations and imaginaries of what could have
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His frog had throwing up them multiple handful of shot. As soon he went to take after the feller that scammed him, he heard his name being called in the distance. This voice sounded familiar here to ole Smiley. He looked around to find his brother Frouwndrey L. Smiley. Frowndrey was a huge betting king too. He was known for his clever tactics of sympathy. You see, Frowndrey only had one eyeball. This made all them fellers think that Frowndrey could barely see a thing, then he could barely be smart enough to make a single bet! Even though Frowndrey was part crippled he was still one of the greatest betting man there was out there. If you thought dear Smiley was good, then you haven’t seen nothing yet! In fact, the only person that Smiley couldn’t out bet was his very own bloodline, his brother. So Smiley raced over to his here brother. Frowndrey had seen a man sprinting with a frog in the neighborhood and was concerned that Smiley got himself into a bad bet again. After all, Frowndrey had seen Smiley playin with a frog for a good couple weeks at home. Smiley explained what happened with the stranger in camp to his brother. Frowndrey was not happy. Together, they raced through the swamps, the camps, the town hall, and past their neighborhood where Frowndrey had seen the stranger running before. As they were looking far and wide, Smiley tripped on
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