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The Incredibles is a Disney-Pixar Animated Film about a family of superheroes. Mr Incredible is a father who had to retire from his superhero career yet remains nostalgic about his fame and glory in the past. His wife, Elastigirl remains committed to raising their two children as a housewife and a mother. Meanwhile, their three kids, Dash, Violet and their baby brother Jack-Jack are trying to adjust to their lives as normal children while adapting to their powers. Then, it became their duty for all of them to save the day when Syndrome started his reign of attack against society. Aside from the typical action and animation skills that attracts young and old audiences to this film, the main aspect of the story that highlights its wholesomeness…show more content…
After Mr Incredible was fired from his job at an insurance firm, he resorted to returning to his superhero duties and traveling to an uncharted island where he had to fight giant robots and an army of villains. Even though he was earning more and seems happier than his previous career, Elastigirl begins to feel suspicious of his absences. As a wife, she begins making phone calls, meeting with their old friend, Edna about his whereabouts and questioning his loyalty as a husband when she heard him discuss matters to a random woman on the phone. Eventually, this prompts Elastigirl to fly a plane just to see him only for her to nearly endanger her life as she was shot down from the sky. With that being said, honesty remains integral in the family. Even if there were short-term advantages to lying, the consequences were dire in the end. Every relationship must be built upon trust and understanding, which can be only achieved through the truth. In addition, married couples must be committed as well to not only maintain their relationship but remain close and truthful with one another. Spouses cannot simply abandon and separate themselves for the rest of the family or else their relationship as a married couple will be compromised. Both husband and wife need each other in order to serve each other. When two persons are committed to start a family, that means trusting each other and staying together until

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