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The Incredibles 2: Wait, A Second… Jack-Jack Has Powers?!

“Jack-Jack’s fine, but some weird things are happening!” - Kari in Jack-Jack Attack

It’s finally happening folks! Yep, we’re finally getting #Incredibles2! Woo! #D23 reintroduced fans to the family of supers that they love. In the shown clip, Bob Parr AKA Mr. Incredible is at home. He is asleep on the couch on parent duty with youngest son #JackJack.

Jack-Jack sees a raccoon outside and wants to play with it. A montage erupts with the baby using his powers while his father is obliviously asleep. While the clip has not been released to the world, it is only a matter of time before it is. Ordinarily, the clip ends with Bob waking from his nap. He sees his son using his powers before he exclaims:
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Yeah. The Incredibles got that right with Jack-Jack. He is the reason Syndrome’s cape became caught and sucked him in, leaving his fate unknown.

For one thing, the Parrs clearly love the infant. Yet, appear unaware of how powerful he actually is. This would be worth seeing in the new film. The film seems strong and enjoyable, considering what Jack-Jack is capable of. I can think of a half a dozen things that could happen.
At one point, it was rumored that the second film would pick up years after the first and that Jack-Jack would be the villain. Violet and Dash were to go up against him. Excellent idea for the ultimate dose of sibling rivalry. Too bad it was just a rumour. Truthfully? Adult Jack-Jack equals all kinds of scary!

In conclusion, with limited information of The Incredibles 2 plot, it is significant that the team behind the film shared. I cannot wait to watch out for the sequence to see if made it into the film. Young Jack-Jack might surprise us.

Nonetheless, fingers crossed they release the teaser. The film comes out next year.

The Incredibles 2 flies into cinemas June, 2018.

What antics do you think Jack-Jack will find himself in during the new

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