The Incredibles Movie Essay

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Another theory or psychology term that can be interpreted in the movie is different parenting styles such as permissive and authoritative parenting. Permissive and or Indulgent parenting is characterized by parents or guardians being too involved or interested in a child’s life, but at the same time they do not demand much from the child, such as having low expectations. Parents who use this type of parenting usually have few rules or standards for behavior. However if they do enforce the rules they are often very inconsistent or not really forced upon the child. Permissive parents also try to be more of a friend to a child rather than an adult. They will bribe the child to like them or behave by showering them with gifts and toys. Results…show more content…
Helen resembles a permissive parent by being continuously involved in her children’s life. For example during one scene the family is sitting at the dinner table and Helen is constantly asking her children about school, even when they refuse to answer. Another example also comes from Helens unwillingness to let her children use their superpower. She even stated in one scene to her children that they need “new ways to celebrate their normality’s because we expect a normal life” (The Incredibles, 2008). Due to this Helen is expected or not demanding much of her children. As in she wants them to be “average” students who are not special. Helens parenting style then affect her children in many different…show more content…
Authoritative parenting often hold high expectations for their child, but manage their expectations with understanding and support for their child. They tend to encourage independence upon their child, and teach with nurturing and reason. Parents who use this type of parenting also rely on open communication with their child, which then implies a deeper understands. Results of having an authoritative figure is a child may develop self-responsibility, and high communication skills. Children also develop a sense of identity, and
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