The Individualistic Style Of Robert Frost's Poetry

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From reading Robert Frost 's poems, I agree that his simple style is deceptive and a thoughtful reader will see layers of meaning.

Robert Frost was one of the great poets of the twentieth century, but his work differs from theirs in certain important aspects. He built up a persona of himself as a plain man living in rural New England, a man for whom the hard work of farming was a source of real inspiration. Frost had quite an individualistic style in comparison to any other poet, his poetry is written in the everyday, vernacular colloquial language in order to bring across the message he wants his audience to receive. What he succeeded in creating was a poetry that fused everyday speech with formal poetic techniques.

Nature provides a beautiful but passive background to the horrific event in ‘Out-Out’ . This poem outlines the fragility and brevity of life, as some may think. This poem is open to interpretation. Frost uses memorable images to evoke the beauty of nature, the threat of the saw, the horror of the accident. “Snarled and rattled, snarled an rattled.” The repetition, emphasises the threat of the saw and creates a mood of expectancy like it is about to attack. Onomatopoeia and personification of the saw add to the sense of fear and danger. The ending is shocking with the tragic death of the child however the reaction of the people around him shocked me as “ since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs’’. The poem is written in the everyday language
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