The Individuality Of Women In The Comtesse

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“It’s not often you get female characters who don’t fit into a box.” (Rebecca Hall). In classic literature, it is commonly believed women are portrayed as uninteresting characters that are all seen as similar or uncomplex. Stories such as The Scarlet Pimpernel show that contrary to that belief, women are exactly opposite of that. Women in classic literature have real, human-like problems and lives. The women in The Scarlet Pimpernel such as The Comtesse and Marguerite are unique, complex characters that face real world situations making them anything but characterized individuals. The Comtesse shows her individuality in The Scarlet Pimpernel by being a caring woman. She is extremely protective over her children because she wants the best for…show more content…
When Marguerite is speaking to others, she thinks that everything is about her and doesn’t care about others. She said ”’what are you standing in my way for… Let me get to the fire, I am perished with the cold.”’ while walking in because Jellyband was in her way to the fire(Orczy 10). By speaking to Jellyband and others in this way it resembles that she prioritizes herself over others. Most people would be hurt and offended if someone were to talk to them that way. It makes the reader feel like she has a poor attitude; therefore, they feel as if she is inconsiderate. Although it can be believed she is inconsiderate, she can also be seen as kind. People believe this because she has taken actions like buying a meal for someone; however, just because she has done some kind actions, the rude attitude that she portrayed in the majority of the story towards her husband, Jellyband, and by mocking the Comtesse need to be acknowledged. The actions marguerite have taken show she is extremely rude and inconsiderate despite the fact that some others don’t
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