The Indo-European Language

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The Indo-European family of languages is one of the most widely spoken in the world. It emerged in the 16th century when European visitors to the Indian Subcontinent noticed similarities between Indo-Aryan, Iranian and European languages. The Proto Indo-European (P.I.E) languages started in the Ural Mountain region and spread all over Europe. Around 500 BC, P.I.E. Languages became almost the basic of all old European languages. For instance, Proto-Blatic-Slav, Germatic and Greek. In addition, it is a family of various hundred related languages and dialects, which amount to approximately 439 dialects and languages. Moreover, it is considered to be the second largest recorded group of languages in history after the Afro-Asiatic
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It spread -orderly- to North America in the United States and the Caribbean, Australia, South Africa, South Asia, west Africa and then the east side of it . It 's the primary language of south east India and Pacific island nations as well as it is an official language of almost 60 sovereign states. Furthermore, it is considered an official language of lots of sub-Saharan African countries. English language has lots of particularities, such as it is the third most widespread native language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, it is used by different people for more purposes than any other language in our planet, and it is the most widely taught foreign language in the whole world. The English language has had a remarkable history. The history of English was divided into three periods, usually termed Old English (or Anglo-Saxon), Middle English, and Modern English. The earliest period started with the migration of Germanic tribes from the continent to Britain in the 5th century A.D. The name English (Old English Englisc) is derived from the tribe’s name. However, Old English was transformed by two…show more content…
It follows the Latin language of the Italic branch. French is the most widespread language worldwide after the English language. The number of the native speakers is around 73.8 million. Furthermore, about 338 million people are able to speak and understand it from all over world. French is the official language in 29 countries, mostly from La Francophonie which is a community of French-speaking countries. There are a lot of continents containing countries that speak French such as, in the continent of Europe it 's the third most spoken language and it 's the official language of France and Monaco, the third official language in Luxembourg, the fourth official language in Switzerland, and one of the two official languages in Belgium. In Africa, French is mostly a second language in various countries in North Africa like Algeria, Benin in West Africa, Egypt in the northeast corner of Africa and Congo in central Africa. In addition, in Canada which is in North America there are around ten million Canadians who speak French as a first language. Moreover, Asia is the smallest French speaking continent compared to other continent. The French language in Lebanon is one of the official languages and it 's also taught in Syria as a second language. The history of French was divided into three periods; it started with old French then moved to Middle French and ended with modern

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