The Industrial Revolution And Birth Of Capitalism

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First of all, my homework is about Industrial Revolution and Birth of the Capitalism. In my article, I have focused on the historical process, meaning and processes of the industrial revolution. On the other hand, I have argued about the historical process, development and meaning of the birth of capitalism. I tried to explain where and how the birth of the industrial revolution and capitalism came from. I wish you to have a knowledgeable article that you will enjoy reading.
Nizamettin Temer
Industrial Revolution And Birth of the Capitalism

The Industrial Revolution is the result of the fact that machines operating in Europe with steam power produce mechanized industries in the 18th and 19th centuries, these developments also contributes to the accumulation of capital in Europe. The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain gave rise to mechanization. The Industrial Revolution expresses the changes that have emerged in the modern world since the 18th century with the development of technology, industrial production and transportation possibilities. “The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, and many of the technological innovations were British. ” (Horn, Rosenband, & Smith, 2010) The Industrial Revolution is a change of industry and commerce with the application of steam power to industrialization, the proliferation of machines that operate with steam, the establishment of producing factories that produce very good at short notice. The French
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