The Industrial Revolution In Jane Austen's Mansfield Park And David Copperfield

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The technological new world with great benefits After reading “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, and watching two versions of “Mansfield Park” as well as “David Copperfield”, I have now decided that this essay will mainly consist of child labour during the pre Victorian era together with the regency period. It will also cover the industrial revolution and how this revolution affected and started child labour. Also, what the industrial revolution resulted in when thinking of the people. The text will compare these topics to the present situation, and put one`s finger on similarities and contrasts. Even though, the circumstances have changes throughout the time, some of the problems they were facing back then you can still find. In this…show more content…
Citizens who married for love, and came from poverty were mostly those who suffered. They had filthy clothes, dirty faces and so called “lower class” accents. The industrial revolution caused, as mentioned earlier, great changes between the classes there were and made extreme differences between people`s behaviour, clothing and jobs just to mention a few. The scene in the film where David will be abandoned from his stepfather after his mum and baby brother died and being sent to work in a factory, shows the best example of how the industrial revolution influenced people`s behaviour. The way the leader in the factory talks to David shows the lack of trust and belief in poor people which developed during the industrialization. Not to mention, the lack of respect and tolerance people had against children at that…show more content…
Most of these places as mentioned, were filled with dangerous machines that could easily kill them. Not only the machines were dangerous. The factory owners were cruel, they treated their employees like animals, if not worse. The children were also seen to never do a good job which automatically lead to punishment. If the children came too late for work, they would be weighted. In this context it would mean humble walking up and down the aisle of the factory, naked with a chain tied around their neck. Imagine yourself the

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