The Industrial Revolution: Technological Advancements In The Modern World

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Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain and later progressed to the United States between the years 18th and 19th century. The Industrial Revolution marked a great milestone in the world history; various aspects of our day-to-day life were reformed in some way. Humans were transformed from handmade and tools to the assistance of machines. The main purposes for Industrial Revolution happened was peoples want an improvement for their life in order to overcome the hardship during the 18th century. Without the Industrial Revolution, it can be argued that the world today would not have a better standard of living through technology advancements, medication and educations. First of all, Industrial Revolution had formed a very good platforms for the inventors. Therefore, many of the inventions was introduced to the public during this period of time. Every single invention had great impacts on the changing of the society. Throughout the period of Industrial Revolution, Technology played an important role where it led to the modern world we have today. Technology advancement is progressed massively from day-to-day life. Without the industrial revolution, computer and the internet wouldn’t exist. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg will develop Facebook without the helped of internet and computer? Internet served the people by provides its services such as online banking and shopping, collect information from another, receives knowledge and help the world works close-knit with each
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