The Industrialization Of England: The First Industrial Revolution

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The industrialization of England brought a lot of change to the nation. It was either a good change or a bad change. It all depended on what the change was, for example more factories meant that there were more jobs or more people in the city meant that it was over populated. England had the resources to build, to use, and they had land to build in. They had many waterways connecting the East Coast and the West Coast, this allowed them to do many things, for example the rivers was a source of power for these factories. England also had the brains, they had people who knew how to invent, these people were the ones who invented the new machines that lead to the factories. England was all set, they just needed the final push or lead to industrialize.
England was the birthplace of the modern industrialization. It was the place where people like John Kay, Eli Whitney, Edward Cartwright, or Richard Arkwright were from. These people where the ones who had a major impact on the future of England. Machines like the flying shuttle, power loom, cotton gin, and the water frame where created by these people. These where the machines that where put in factories so they can be used. This increased production rate of clothing, so the effect of these machines where an increase in
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What other county before England were using machines, using the space they had to build hundreds of factories? No country has done that yet at that time of history. England was starting to realize that work could be done easier with the proper equipment. For instance, a dress that took less than a week to finish was done in a day in a factory. England already went through that revolution while many other countries where going through it right after. To conclude, England was in fact the starting point in the Industrial Revolution to the
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