The Inevitable Causes Of Hurricane Katrina

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What would you do if your entire life, friends, family, home, and city was rendered uninhabitable in a 24 hour period? Picture a city completely flooded, roads and highways engulfed with water, people, stranded on the roofs of their flooded homes, 100 year old 50 foot trees uprooted from the ground, abandoned pets, floating cars, buses on top of buildings, this was the horrific scene after Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast of the United States on August 29th, 2005. This is not only the scene of hurricane Katrina but of most hurricanes that hit any populated Pacific or Atlantic coast. Hurricanes are known to be the most powerful and violent storms on earth. Also known as Cyclones or Typhoons, Hurricanes can only be formed in warm, moist areas near the equator because the warm air acts like fuel to the hurricane. When the warm air rises it causes there to be a low pressure area left beneath it. The surrounding high pressure air pushes on the low pressure air to cause it to become warm air too. The cycle continues and the warm air formed goes up and bonds with cold air causing clouds to forms and because of the warm and cold air pressure the clouds begin to spin and escalate in size causing the start of what could be a hurricane. As the storm system rotates faster and faster, an eye forms…show more content…
The hurricane formed many days before it hit the U.S. and yet there were still over 2000 deaths. Most of the deaths were either people with not enough means to evacuate and senior citizens. The government should have sent a rescue team to go through the evacuated cities so they could help the people with lower income and senior citizens. They should have also rescued all the abandoned pets and animals that can’t leave. If I was in the hurricane I would be terrified, seeing all my neighbors house and my house being ripped to pieces and seeing water 20 feet high above the
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