Comparing Dante's Inferno, Journey To The West

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At a point in everyone’s life we all go through hardships and tribulations as apart of our journey, that are meant to shape and mold us. This aspect of the journey is powerful and a popular metaphor among cultures, because it shows a path to become knowledgeable, achieve their goals, and spreading their knowledge. The journey taken by the characters in The Inferno, Journey to the West, and travels of Marco Polo enable them to not only gain rewards, but also spiritual enlightenment, acceptance of their reality, and/ or find their purpose and for some fulfil their purpose in life. The ambitions of the journeys relate to their culture, because their goal will ultimately depend on what their cultural customs and beliefs are, what their religion as well as society deems acceptable.
In the inferno, Dante in the middle of a life crisis
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They paved the way for trade in their time; gained rewards for the goods they traded, and learned about the cities and islands they came upon. Traveling through many countries including Armenia, China, India, and etc. At the Khan City Marco learned 4 languages, and was put to the test by Kublan to go on a six month journey to Karazan. The king was highly pleased with Marco’s notes and the knowledge he discovered, employed him on missions. In these missions he gained knowledge about the crops and spices popular in the various regions how the people were governed, and the cultural background of the people there. Marco, his father and uncle were one of the first Europeans to travel through china were able to fulfil goal and make a name or their family through this journey. They lived in what was known as the age of discovery where trading was prevalent. Trading and traveling was apart of the cultural norm, so it is only natural that their goal was to expand trade
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