The Inferno, Journey To The West, And Journey Of Marco Polo

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At a point in everyone’s life we all go through hardships and tribulations as apart of our journey, that are meant to shape and mold us. This aspect of the journey is powerful, and a popular metaphor among cultures, because it shows a path to become knowledgeable, achieve their goals, and spreading their knowledge. The journey taken by the characters in The Inferno, Journey to the West, and travels of Marco Polo enable them to not only gain rewards, but also spiritual enlightenment, acceptance of their reality, and/ or find their purpose and for some fulfil their purpose in life. The ambitions of the journeys relate to their culture, because their goal will ultimately depend on what their cultural customs and beliefs are, what their religion as well as society deems acceptable.
In the inferno, Dante in the middle of a life crisis travels with a sinner named Virgil down the 9 circles of hell. This journey through hell teaches Dante amongst other things the concept of divine justice. Upon entering the second circle, lust, Dante see sinners confessing their sins to a Minos, which proceeds to wrap its tail around its body to show the level that the sinner will be punished in. This is a symbol to show that everything we do in the dark will come to light and be punished accordingly. Seeing the sinners punished based on their sins, talking to them and hearing their stories, gives Dante insight on what is acceptable and not. So that he may later share his knowledge with the rest of

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