The Infirm Of Purpose In Macbeth

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Put the words “infirm of purpose” and discuss how it justifies the impression you get from Macbeth’s character.

The words “infirm of purpose” is a way to show just how people feel about the things they have done. In the story of Macbeth, the character of Macbeth has a strange infirm of purpose, and he shows his true feelings throughout the story. These allow the people to control him and allow him to control just as much as he can. This allows him to not only get sympathy from ready but to also get readers angry. These are simply the evidence that made Macbeth, himself.

In the beginning Macbeth has a strong purpose, and lives to protect his king and serve him in any way that the king may ask him. First, Macbeth is easily known for his values and how he follows through with anything
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The first influence in Macbeth’s decisions, are the witches. After they tell him that he will be king, Macbeth is stricken, and confused on why he should be king. The witches throughout the story just continue giving Macbeth reasons to keep murdering and killing the people around him. Secondly they allow Macbeth to believe he is relatively invincible, and cannot be killed by any circumstance, or reason. And this makes Macbeth believe he is the only person that can decide his own fate, and the only individual that can lead his kingdom.

The second influence in the life and the story of Macbeth is his wife, without the influence of his wife, Macbeth would have lived a longer happier life, and she helped him come to the conclusion the only way he could make his family happy, would be to kill the king, and take the throne. With her help the plan was conceived to kill the king in his sleep,sleep and to blame the guards on the murder. All of the planning was made by Lady Macbeth and she bullied and belittled, Macbeth until he agreed to do as told, and actually killkills the king in cold
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