The Influence In Thomas Paine's Declaration Of Independence

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Paine’s most famous pamphlet was the first time someone had proclaimed independence and supported their claim in writing. Furthermore, Thomas Paine had spoken publically about an issue that would previously only be spoken about privately with close friends, thus transforming attitudes about not only the discussion of independence in America but also actual independence from Britain. Therefore, not only was Common Sense successful for its ideas discussed throughout the book, but also for its influence on the discussions of people regarding independence. Furthermore, many editions of Common Sense were published in its first year, 1776, increasing its success and support across America. Although Common Sense was one of the most influential…show more content…
Before Paine’s encouragement of a Declaration of Independence, the document was at a standstill. After Common Sense, not only was the country’s Declaration reinspired and vitalized but towns, cities and states began also creating their own Declarations of Independence, displaying its great influence. Throughout the spring of 1776, colonists of all status and power across America were so influenced by Common Sense that about ninety Declarations were published, a direct effect of the power of Common Sense. This fact directly displays the fact that America was ripe for independence, all they needed was a slight encouragement, which was Common Sense. Now that people were excited about independence from Britain, when the real Declaration of Independence was published it was much more widely supported than if it would have been published before Common Sense. In other words, Common Sense prepared, greatly influenced and excited the colonists for a Declaration of Independence. However, it is also important to note some ideas that disagree with the significance of Common Sense on the Declaration of Independence. For examples, Pauline Maier argues in her American Scripture that the Congress and colonists were already moving towards
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