Summary: The Influence Of Attitude In Advertising

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Advertising is a way of communication with the consumers of a product or service. Advertisements have always been present and have always been around us. Today, advertising makes use of each possible media in order to get its message through. Advertisements can be done via television, internet, direct selling and print advertisements such as newspapers and magazines. Advertisements have an influence on the consumers’ tendency by addressing the different parts of attitude which are emotion, behavioral and cognitive. Additionally, among the different methods of advertising, print advertisements was known as the most influential as they attract by stirring the viewer’s emotions which would in turn draw out positive behavioral reactions towards these advertisements. However, In contrast to television, the internet and print advertisements acknowledge consumers to process the messages at their own speed and order. This embellishes the chance to process the information if the inspiration is high (Dijkstra, Buijtels & Raaij, 2005).
Attitudes are crucial in
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Moreover, the mere exposure effect would stimulate attention, retrieving and processing every time a consumer comes across the product name (Stafford & Grimes, 2012). Since the mere exposure effect states that consumers prefers things that they are more familiar with in which they are more exposed to, consumers would tend to turn to “slim fit” whenever they want to join a programme for weight lost and bust enhancement because they would be used to accustomed with the product name. Therefore, the advertisement had also endorsed the familiarity heuristic so that consumers would be influenced by targeting their cognition in having a positive attitude towards the

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