The Influence Of Advertising In The Fashion Industry

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A well-established assumption exists that companies have the power to shape the attitude of a consumer towards a specific brand or product, through their advertising techniques. (Hyllegard, 2009). Companies are consistently using a variety of channels to capture the attention of their consumer target market and increase company sales, thus, as a result, advertising is all around us. This article investigates the use of a variety of multi-channels to attract consumer attention by discussing the effectiveness, benefits, and risks of such channels, with regard to the fashion industry. The article also looks at the effects of this type of advertising on the consumer market, and takes a look at various fashion brands that are on the forefront of utilising innovative and extreme channels which are unique to its generation and which continue to push the boundaries of advertising through the relevant channels which they use.

Introduction and Background
In our modern consumer market it is evident that consumers are constantly exposed to a variety of new products, concepts and ideas, due to the ever increasing number of advertisements in today’s media, and thus it is important for companies to differentiate themselves through the way they advertise and through the methods in which they communicate with their consumers. Thus marketers have to constantly create innovative ways through which to contact and reach their consumers, if they wish to engage in a successful marketing campaign

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