The Influence Of Alexander The Great

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Imagine taking over more than half of the known world before the age of twenty one. Alexander started ruling the small Macedonian Empire when he was just twenty years old, he eventually turned the small Macedonian Empire into one of the largest empires in the world. Alexander the Great named over seventy cities after himself and one after his horse. (Barksdale 1). Alexander the Great was truly great because he spread Greek culture throughout the known world. Alexander the Great fought for many years and it paid off. “He marched for 11 years over 22,000 miles and never lost a battle…” (Smith 1). If Alexander had not been king the Macedonian Army would not have made it as far in battle, another king would not have had the same battle structure and training to do the same thing Alexander did. Alexander made it very far in battle, taking over almost all…show more content…
“He united an area of over 2 million square miles...” (Smith 1). Without Alexander the Great the Macedonian Empire would not have become as big because Alexander was so powerful he was almost unstoppable, he had the strongest military at the time. Alexander the Great used a military strategy called the phalanx, in which he had rows of soldiers with a “wall” of metal spears that the soldiers would hold. Taking over more than half of the known world is hard to do, and Alexander the Great did it, and in a short period of time too. Many historians may fight to say Alexander is not great with quotes like, “The Greek Culture was already expanding,” saying Alexander the Great did not expand Greek culture. (Smith 1). Even though the Greek culture was already spreading Alexander helped it spread faster and true to the Greek culture, the culture could have been changed in a bad way if Alexander had not spread it. “He expanded Greek culture from Polis to the whole known world...” (Smith 1). Alexander still spread Greek culture even if it had already been
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