The Influence Of Americanization

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Basically globalization can be expressed as the creation of a world market of goods, erasing geographical boundaries(particularly true if one considers the presence of MNCs in Every country) or it may be referred as the time-space compression due to the coming of new long distant communication technologies, faster and cheaper means of travelling thereby making 'distance ' a minor issue in today 's world. Globalization may also refer to the movement of people from one place to another in search of greener pastures(in this case the Indian Diaspora present in almost every country reflects the condition best). All these definitions portray one blind man 's version of the elephant i.e. they are only partially true and a narrow view of a…show more content…
3. Centre of power.
4. Homogenous American society.
These are the reasons which shape the people 's opinion into thinking globalization is Americanization. Its influence over the society is isn 't seen overtly. These notions are built into the people 's mind trough their experiences and mainly as presented by the media houses. The validity of the factors and the fallacies involved within is understood by debating over them-
1.Economical progress/success equals globalization- This factor refers to the equation of the economic success of American companies to Globalization. It is true that American goods are sold in an international market and its Companies are present in almost any country of the world. The products have become a common feature of the global market. Thus globalization according to it is the bombardment of American consumer goods in the global market and persuasion of people into buying those goods and leave their national identity and become an Americanized
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Change is inevitable, after WWII America and USSR remained the last standing super powers and with the collapse of the USSR it became the Last standing super power. But, in the meanwhile other centres of power started emerging- Japan, Australia, China, South Korea, India, Brazil being some names. This though looks simple in this white paper, in the reality have altogether changed the economic and diplomatic relations of the countries. Each of these Countries export their cultural products to other countries, i.e. they are also significant influencers of globalization. Their say matters a lot. Every Anime, or Korean romantic film we see, or any electronic ranging from the smallest piece of battery to high end smart phones, or the popularity of samba or even the global woman 's daily yoga routine each carry the traces of the emerging centres of powers. These are also the powerful players

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