The Influence Of Anarchy In Today's Society

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The ideal anarchist societal structure is that where an individual has free choosing in doing what he wants as long as it does not interfere with the free will of another. Philosopher Thomas Hobbles talks about the ‘state of nature’ in Leviathan where he reasons that all humans are by nature equal and that anarchy occurs when mankind is able to place absolute sovereignty upon himself. So is this ideology possible to achieve in today’s society? In my opinion anarchy in today’s world would be impossible; the diversity of people, the sheer number of individuals, and the possibility of disobedience of rules just being a few of the deciding factors. Let us examine the realist and constructivist approach to anarchy. Realism focuses on the theory self preservation and that rules are created by governments to protect its people which would also help prevent conflict. However international politics can not be credited with this. (Lebow, 2007) Waltz argued that the continued lack of ‘world government’ leads to violence between states. It seems to be the common belief among realists that because there is no clear authority that governs states on a global level, thats where anarchy exists; violence is always a constant possibility as each state strives for self preservation. Sovereign states are the main actors within the international system. Anarchy is a social construct and is ‘what states make of it’ according to constructivist thinker Wendt. This means that how well anarchy is

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