Essay On The Positive And Negative Influence Of Architectural Design

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Architecture is very important for relationships and many people do not think how architectural design influences their relationships. Good architecture helps people to consolidate their relationships with one another, unlike another type of architecture that destroys relationships and drives a few people to live in houses that resemble stores or boxes that contribute to the alienation of the two sexes Male or female. In design, consideration must be given to the fact that architecture can have a positive or negative effect on the person who will use this space or even by looking at a mechanism that can only leave an impression on the person.
In modern architecture, some architects wanted to break these links resulting from good architectural
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These modernists wanted to push people to the agenda and make the focus only in terms of productivity away from the emotions and emotions resulting from these relationships, To adversely affect the agendas and design of the so-called miserable home where members of the family live single and single life, although they are under one roof and this can happen through the bad design that call people to production and break relations. Defenders of social justice have acknowledged the influence of architecture on behavior and used it to change people 's values, beliefs and behavior. People have long seen gender…show more content…
Public spaces do not help men and women to meet their needs because they must be commensurate with women 's need to feel secure and not to promote private spaces. The family maintains relations between the family at home and harmony because they manipulate the hierarchy of the family. To meet each other 's needs in public places and live happily in local places, manipulating and removing sex from buildings drives men and women away and destroys
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