The Influence Of Art On Art

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Introduction Art is the expression of human creativity, skill and imagination. There are many different forms and types of visual art, from painting; to sculpting; to modeling; to photography and many more (Wikipedia). A lot of people around the world may not know about artists that change their artistic direction because of photography. People also may suggest that art is only about painting and drawing, but photography influenced painting by giving artists new tools; which then influenced the artists who experimented with colour, mass and lighting (Reference). But to what extent did the invention of photography influence the development of painting from the end of 19th century to 1930? Artists had the ability to bring out specific features of the piece, which helped the outcome of the image to describe the world and develop new aesthetic directions (Joerg Colberg). Photography radically changed painting. Before, the only way of creating a realistic image was to paint, but as photography came along, painting was no longer the one way to produce a realistic piece. Painting and photography are media used by artists and they affect the outcome of artwork. Artists who were influenced by this new media are, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, Whistler and Munch. Chapter one: The History During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, even before the invention of cameras, artists painted portraits. However once photography became a mainstream tools for artists, they
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