Human Influence On Artificial Intelligence

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The influence of Artificial Intelligence in the development of human beings


Human have long dreamed of creating things like God. Since 18th century, it came true that machines have been engaged into manual labor instead of human beings. And in 1940s, the invention of computer brought the development in the field of artificial intelligence. Then, a new era appears that intelligent machines replace people for doing the brain-work. However, the development of artificial intelligence is not comprehensive. Therefore, it is of great importance to look into its history and today’s development and influence to look forward.

Artificial Intelligence can be traced back to antiquity, with myths, there is a belief that
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It is the first formal discussion about Artificial Intelligence in the history of human and this conference has a quite significant meaning and status in the development of human society. It marks the beginning of era of intelligence and many of those who attended the conference became the founder of AI research and predicted that a machine which could be intelligent as a human being would exist in no more than a generation. In fact, it is true that a lot of achievements were made in the late 50s and 1960s after that workshop, bringing much more confidence to the researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. For example, Newell and Simon tried to capture a general version of algorithm in a program called the "General Problem Solver" and this work was considered as a great achievement in utilizing computer to simulate the activity of man’s advanced thinking.(citation2) And in the same year, Arthur Lee Samuel used the theory of games and the method of heuristic search to write the program of Checkers. (citation3-”Computers and Thought”) It was the first fruitful exploration that a machine simulated the process of human learning and caused a worldwide…show more content…
Those predictions made by the first generation of AI researchers hardly came true, even by now. For example, once predicted by H. A. Simon and Allen Newell, “within ten years a digital computer will be the world 's chess champion” and “within ten years a digital computer will discover and prove an important new mathematical theorem.”(citation4) Actually, the Checkers made by Samuel was unable to continue its tale of being champion of the game and the technology of that time couldn’t support a digital computer automatically discover and prove a new mathematical theorem. Even today, it is still a hard project. Moreover, scientists of psychology, philosophy, applied mathematics and other fields raised questions about Artificial Intelligence and criticized its essence and other aspects at the time. Therefore, there is no doubt why ,in the 70s, the first AI winter had came. And after second AI winter in 1980s, a booming came into the field of Artificial Intelligence and it rapidly develops into the modern AI as we know

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