The Influence Of Artistry In Advertising

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Advertising messages were delivered across different media television, print, radio, Web and outdoor displays. Recently advertisements are delivered through smart mobiles, tablets, ATMs, and screen displays are made available in airports check in terminals, retail check out machines, information kiosks in stores and malls. Advertising is any kind of non personal presentation and promotion of a product by an identified sponsor using the mass media that is intended to inform, motivate and persuade the target audience. Advertising is the most important element in promotion mix it can create a distinct brand identity, motivate the customer and boost sales. Advertising must create a bond, positive attitude, build
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Television advertisements have more access to larger number of people, the sound and moving images, the emotions create more attention.
Erik Modig-This artide indicates a new perspective on advertising creativity and links it to the literature about artistry in advertising design. It shows that perceptions of creativity explain the positive effects on brand valuation found when images of art works are added to an advertisement. This research extends the understanding of how the level of artistry in advertising imagery influence brand evaluation by showing that perceptions of advertising creativity are a mediator of the effects.
Brett.A.S.Martin (2002) study states the impact of infomercial advertisement design elements, such as the use of consumer testimonials or expert comments and consumer characteristics. Consumers above forty perceived infomercials more effective than younger consumers. Findings indicated that infomercial advertising is more effective if employed expert comments, testimonials, product comparisons and bonus offers. Consumers who think about product as a result of viewing the infomercial, those who purchased after seeing the Ad for the first time, and those who watched frequently also indicate that infomercials are effective means of
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The most important internet brands, innovators of the world, such as Google and Apple, consider television to be a dominant device. Also, they are developing products which can easily display internet contents on television screens. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and similar companies are heading for television sets. While explaining what their service is about, most of them are putting Watch TV on top of their list, next to their brand name.
11. There are some successful television formats which can address young people to show them the experience of watching TV again.
12. Quality series have created the need and reason for watching films on television again. Netflix series have proved, aesthetically and commercially as well, – at least in US – that providing subscription-based online content can give new perspectives to television.
13. Nowadays it seems certain that television publicity is still needed for national popularity. Internet appearance in itself and content made only for web do not grant enough reach either.
14. Small markets where the global provider of Internet content and production brand has no interest to enter for sure they can rely on that it will be the relevance of local content production for a long time.
15. The televisions work on to bring the advantage of internet connected with measurement accuracy. If the Internet moves into the TV itself, it will not be a problem
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