The Influence Of Basketball

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Topic-- basketball
Why is this important to me? I love basketball. It is a hobby of mine and my family. It is also part of the culture of the US and want to see how it compares to the Netherlands
Main question: What is the cultural impact of basketball in the Netherlands compared to the US?
Sports are popular throughout the world today. Some of the more popular sports are soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, as well as many more. Basketball is extremely popular in the United States. In the Netherlands, soccer is more popular. The culture is impacted by basketball is quite different in the Netherlands than in the United States.
· What is the set-up of clubs in the Netherlands and the US? o The set-up of clubs in
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However, those who picked basketball over any other sports like soccer, they say it was because basketball was unique. They thought it was different than what everyone else was doing. Basketball has a different community-- a different culture. They like basketball just because of the people--the culture. On the other hand, others said they like basketball just because they enjoy the sport itself. In the Netherlands basketball is like hip hop or what street ball (pick-up basketball) is in the United States. It is relaxed and laid back. The team is one large group of friends. o Basketball has always been important in the United States. Kids grew up watching their favorite players wanted to be just like them. Sometimes it’s the parents who push the child into playing basketball. The motivation behind choosing to play basketball differ for each child. Some play because they love the sport--even if they are not good at it. Others play because they have a natural talent. Some people would even play in hopes of getting scholarships for it. There are so many reasons why a person could decide to play basketball in the United States. The team is usually an aggressive sport and serious.
· How important is basketball in the Netherlands and the
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Basketball brings many people entertainment. Children especially look up these players and want to be just like them when they grow up. Basketball is show on TV, games are played in schools, the sports itself is just broadcasted well in the United States which helps encourage the importance of it in the United States.
· How does basketball influences lives of teens/ students in high school in the Netherlands and the US? o In the Netherlands basketball will only influence the lives of those who play it. The culture of basketball influences you. As well as the people who play as well because you spend so much time with them. If you do not play basketball or care about basketball it does not affect you or influence you. Those who do play then turn into role models for the younger ones because they look up to them. People also can learn more about each other, gain another support system, and learn about
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