The Influence Of Beauty Esteem

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It is almost impossible to turn on the television today without witnessing a commercial that promotes a young, slim model. As more companies advertise on television and social media platforms, young beautiful women that are all skinny seem to be the only ones that are chosen to talk about the newest products. Each angle of their face and body is perfection. It is hard to not take a good look at the model and begin to think, “Wow, she is so beautiful.” Females as young as those in elementary school may struggle with their body image and their self-esteem because of these advertisements. As a result, they look up to these models because they appear to be the epitome of perfection. However, looking up to these models is neither practical nor healthy.
The portrayal of female models and celebrities and their unrealistic weight expectations have essentially resulted to the health and psychological issues in today’s society. These expectations are familiarized to girls across the world on every type of media – the internet, television, and magazines. In particular, articles in magazines encourage using exercise and diet tips. Celebrities’ body sizes and shapes, whether it be good or bad, become popular headlines on the cover. These
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Nowadays, it is rare to not see many beauty contests on the news of all categories. According to Dixie Sun News, “From infancy on, beauty pageants teach women that all you need to succeed in life is beauty.” This idea is already poison to begin with, considering this is the very first thing a child is learning. The pressures and expectations of pageants can lead to plastic surgery, eating disorders, depression, and even suicide to girls at such a young age. This kind of mindset carries on with the girls and only get worse. Pageants are everywhere in society, from small towns, to colleges, then so on. The bigger the crowd, the higher the

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