The Influence Of Beauty In Advertising

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Advertising industry is the main reason how our society has changed into the environment judging based on the outer appearance regardless of the talents, intelligence, and sincerity. Nowadays, the advertisements push their sales by portraying the unbelievably perfect body images, making young women to dissatisfy with their own natural look, impairing their self-esteem so that those insecure ladies will believe and use the products advertised. The overwhelming advertising media also mislead the society to judge people by the stereotypes, which are being retouched with numerous editing software, leading more young women to hate their own look, loose their confidence, and objectify themselves to be admired. Therefore, the advertisements should portray natural beauty rather than size zero women.
Being exposed to overflooding beauty advertisements, young ladies become dissatisfied with their own appearance. Living in the cities with flooding advertisements displaying thin bodies, sharp chin, tall nose, long legs, and flawless figures, young women always tend to compare themselves with those models. Without noticing the strategies of the advertising, young ladies believe that almost everything shown on the screen is true, reliable, and achievable. Therefore, they always think that they are not beautiful, thin, feminine, or attractive enough to be themselves. Studies has shown that 58% of girls do not take part in activities because they do not want to draw attention to the way

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