Essay On Biblical Inspiration

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Question #1: What does biblical inspiration mean? Does God speak to us directly through the bible, or is the word of God always open to interpretation? How does one best defend his or her interpretation? Biblical Inspiration is that extraordinary or supernatural divine influence vouchsafed to those who wrote the Holy Scriptures, rendering their writings infallible.(Web Bible Encyclopedia) Likewise, biblical inspiration is the doctrine in Christian theology that credits the authors and editors of the Bible as ordained or influenced by God thus rendering their writings the word of God. When we speak of the Bible as inspired, we are simply acknowledging God divine influence on the human authors of the Scriptures. As members of the faith community,…show more content…
How does the interpretation of scripture inform the creedal affirmation of God as Trinity? How does faith in God influence speech about the attributes of God? Devastating as it is to hear and say, it appears that numerous factors challenge the understanding of God in Modern Theology. The most prevalent ones are: science in religion, religious practices and social issues. Additionally, profound questions are raised about the presence of God in almost every tragic historical event, unfavorable medical diagnosis, oppressed institutional setting, acts of terror, and natural disasters that appears evil, or out of character for the loving, creator and keeper of this vast universe. Moreover, modern challenges are plagued with myths and fallacies about the triune God or the Trinity. Worshipping three divine entities as one is a creedal responsibility for believers, that is met with faith and shielded in Grace. Subsequently, nonbelievers as Freud sees a belief in God as an infantile illusion believing our needs are met by an omnipotent parent. (Migliore 67). The author explicitly informs us that the doctrine of the trinity is the church’s effort to give coherent expression to this mystery God’s “free grace” as proclaimed in the gospel and experienced in Christian faith. (Migliore
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