The Influence Of Biblical Inspiration In The Bible

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Question #1: What does biblical inspiration mean? Does God speak to us directly through the bible, or is the word of God always open to interpretation? How does one best defend his or her interpretation?

Biblical Inspiration is that extraordinary or supernatural divine influence vouchsafed to those who wrote the Holy Scriptures, rendering their writings infallible.(Web Bible Encyclopedia) Likewise, biblical inspiration is the doctrine in Christian theology that credits the authors and editors of the Bible as ordained or influenced by God thus rendering their writings the word of God. When we speak of the Bible as inspired, we are simply acknowledging God divine influence on the human authors of the Scriptures. As members of the faith community, our belief in this divine inspiration is solid, and that the writings were/are the very Word of God. In the context of the Scriptures, the word “inspiration” simply means “God. The Bible is the will of God; it is His authoritative word. (Jackson 2017) Jesus Christ said, “and the scriptures cannot be broken” (Jn. 10:35). (NIV). God does speak to his followers sometimes one way and sometimes another even though people may not understand it” (Job 33:14) (NCV). As the readers reflects on the pages of Migliore text “Faith Seeking Understanding” and realizes the book explains and explore the authority of God’s word many may find themselves asking the hard questions about revelation and the word of God. He speaks to us as he revels his

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