The Influence Of Bilingual Education In California

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During the 1970’s, California was in an uproar of submersion of bilingual education in the public education system. This period of permissive was a landmark for bilingual education because Lau V. Nichols marked a movement that lead to assimilation to redefine unification of the Americanization in the United States during this period.
First, to understand the movement, in 1906 the Nationality Act passed that implicated the first legislation that required incoming immigrants to speak English as the dominant language (Barker, 2011). I believe in order to understand what is going on in the present you have to understand the history. This Nationality Act was influenced that English was a superior language to learn and all Americans should speak it. Thus, when over 3,000
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Simonitsch and Lambert intel that the city of San Francisco was underfunded due to the overwhelming of immigrates of LEP students and made the students submerse into the English language (2004). Ultimately, the programs in San Francisco are failing at maintenance of bilingual education to static and developmental maintenance. Barker refers that static maintenance is to target language skills by maintaining them and developmental maintenance is to reach the student’s home language into a full proficiency of full biliteracy or literacy; also, known as Enrichment Bilingual Education (2011). It is important to know that indoctrinating the children into an English language culture is effecting their developmental stages. Due to these failed practices,
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