Character Analysis: The Ultimate Warrior

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Since the rise of the heinous concoction that is the smartphone camera and social media, pretty much every encounter a celebrity has with a fan is recorded and posted somewhere on the world wide web. While it has stripped even more privacy away from their already extremely public private lives, the constant presence of fan-wielded cameras has worked out quite well for some celebrities. Guys like Tom Hanks and Bill Murray have undoubtedly benefited from having their good guy antics caught on video and posted to Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, more than a few famous faces have been portrayed rather unflatteringly in fan made films. While you generally shouldn’t judge somebody based on 30 seconds of footage, it’s pretty difficult to view somebody like Justin Bieber in a positive light…show more content…
The Ultimate Warrior -

As one of the biggest stars of WWE’s golden age, The Ultimate Warrior was a hero to wrestling fans the world over. With his facepaint, colorful tassels, and unwavering dedication to doing the right thing, Warrior set the perfect example for the kids who made up the majority of WWE’s fanbase back in the day.

However, The Ultimate Warrior was very much a heel - wrestling talk for “bad guy” - when it came to his antics behind the scenes. He was infamously difficult to work with and showed little respect to the more experienced wrestlers in the locker room. He frequently refused to do what was asked of him by WWE management and on one occasion threatened to no show a heavily promoted event were he not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his time. After his retirement from in-ring competition, Warrior continued old feuds and made new enemies through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Ultimate Warrior passed away on April 8th, 2014, just days after making his return to WWE. Fortunately, it was reported that Warrior made amends with his former colleagues a couple of days before his death at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame
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