The Influence Of Career Development In Education

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1. The Problem and its Background 1.1. Introduction
One of the most critical educational decisions that high school students make is choosing their career path, which includes deciding on a Senior High School (SHS) track. The Department of Education ( reported that “The Philippines was the last country in Asia and one of only three countries worldwide with a 10-year pre-university cycle”, having implemented K-12 nationwide in the academic years 2016-2017. This is the introduction to the college program that students will eventually take, which were categorized under different tracks. However, it was shown in a recent studies, including one entitled The Influence of Socio-Economic
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Conceptual Framework There are aspects that influence a student's choice of course and track for their years in SHS. The SCCT, or Social Cognitive Career Theory, is a relatively new theory that aims to explain the three interrelated aspects of career development. This theory was first developed by Robert W. Lent, Steven D. Brown, and Gail Hackett in 1994 (, 2014).
The first aspect explains how basic academic and career interests develop, while the second aspect is focused on how educational and career choices are made. The third aspect explains how academic and career success is obtained. The theory states that a factor considered for these aspects is the environment that the subject grew up in, as well as how it affects their decision making. The environment of the student can greatly affect their socioeconomic status, which in turn can affect their choice of track for their SHS
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Pre-qualified voucher recipients (automatically eligible) They no longer need to apply for the voucher subsidy as long they are Grade 10 completers of Public Junior High Schools and State University/College or Local University/College Junior High Schools (Public JHS students will receive 100% of the voucher amount, and ESC JHS students will receive 80% of the voucher amount)

Grade 10 Education Service Contracting (ESC)
Grantees who completed their Junior High School in ESC-participating private schools

Non-ESC Grade 10 completers from Private Junior High Schools
They may apply through the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) National Secretariat

Voucher Program
The Voucher Program is intended for Grade 10 (Junior High School) completers who wish to pursue Senior High School (SHS) education in non-DepEd Schools such as Manila Tytana Colleges, starting 2016-2017.

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