The Influence Of Civil Disobedience

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Oscar Wilde states that disobedience is one's greatest virtue which has been proven true all over the world. Without disobedience, the world would not have improved and became what it is today. Disobedience is a way of questioning the rules that are set in place and challenging authority.
First, disobedience dates all the way back to 1773 when the government put taxes on tea to in debt the British people. When the colonists started to feel like this tax was unfair, they went on ships to deliver tea and dumped it overboard. The colonist were mad because they were being taxed without being represented. Through disobedience, the colonist's were able to stand up for themselves and change the way that they were being treated.
Second, In less recent years there has been an outcry for justice for black and brown people. This want for justice can date back to the bus boycotts when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus like she was supposed to. Another example is
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In the United States, where a group of people named Black lives matter has caused a controversy in society due to exploiting media to convey how black and brown people being treated and tried unjustly. The black lives matter is an organization that uses media of all aspects to show what happens to black people in America today from an uncensored standpoint. This example of disobedience is a way of stating that they want their lives to be viewed as valuable as people of other ethnic groups.
Over the past several decades there has been no better way to fight for equal rights besides civil disobedience. To conclude, Oscar Wilde's idea that civil disobedience is what causes progress is correct. Disobedience is what leads people to question society and societal norms that have always been set. It is also the way that the world had advanced and grown overall. In other words, disobedience is what the world needs to make a
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