Cleopatra's Reputation Analysis

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Cleopatra and Her Reputation
In the current world, most of the perception and character of people seems to be shaped by the media. This is because the media is a tool that is used to relay information over long distances to fulfil certain expectations. However, sometimes, the media does not always convey the correct information as to what actually happened. Therefore, misinformation may come about as a result. There are some cases in the entertainment industry where the producer of a movie may intentionally change the character of a person to gain publicity and for the movie to be more entertaining. This is seen in the various versions that are portrayed of Cleopatra. Her actual reputation has been copied by the media to
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She was beautiful in the sight of men, and it was almost impossible to be resisted. However, there is no clear record that shows that she used her beauty to lure men to be with her. Therefore, one would conclude that although she was beautiful, she was also moral. This notion of being a moral person with integrity made her reputation spread. In modern times, however, she is portrayed as being flirtatious and sophisticated. As in the movie Cleopatra 1934, this film depicts her as a person who used her beauty to get to…show more content…
Cleopatra is known to have had relations with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Both of these men were in power in the Roman Empire at some time. It is difficult to imagine why Cleopatra wanted a suitor from a far of place than where she was in Egypt (Anderson, Jaynie, 2012, p.45). Rome was considered a mighty Empire at that time; this led people to conclude that Cleopatra used her beauty to lure both Mark Antony and Julius Cesar to be with her and in turn empower her kingdom. This led to the modern notions that Cleopatra used her beauty and charms to get anything she wanted from anyone. This is reputation was spread by her experience of
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