The Influence Of Conventions In Fairy Tales

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Ever since I was a child, fairy tales have influenced my life, as well as others, in ways we do not even notice. Fairy tales have influenced the gender roles, body images, sexuality, race, and class of society. I practically dressed up like princesses for Halloween every single year when I had an obsession over them. My favorite princess happened to be Ariel. Whenever my family went to the beach, I would attempt to sing like Ariel because I thought I could be her or turn into her. As my obsession grew, I became aware of how the princesses are portrayed. Within each fairy tale, there are multiple conventions that are used. These conventions display that most fairy tales have common characteristics and ideas. I am concentrating on three specific conventions within the fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White and they are the concept of beauty, a hero, and a villain. An original fairy tale, “Little Red Cap” by the Brothers Grimm, incorporated a hero, a villain, and the concept of beauty. The concept of beauty was shown along the beginning of the fairy tale, “If you set eyes on her you could not but love her.” Another scene where the concept of beauty was portrayed was when Little Red Cap asked her…show more content…
Beauty was definitely mentioned since the main character’s name was Beauty and she was the prettiest of the three sisters. The villain in the storyline would depend on the perspective of the tale. The two older sisters were always rude to Beauty, but on the other hand, Beauty’s father got into mischief which caused the Beast to take Beauty away from her father. The hero may be Beauty because she figured a way to create happiness even though she was away from her father. Another hero would be the Beast because he took her to his castle, away from Beauty’s mean
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