The Influence Of Cultural Narcissism

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Assessing the risk that Zappos will suffer from cultural narcissism and cultural decline depends on the top management team, social media, employee hiring and mirroring of cultural heritage/image. Referring to the top management team, if the previous CEO Nick Swinmurn continued to focus solely on customer service and profitability (neglecting company culture and identity), the risk of cultural narcissism would have been increased. Although, once Tony Hsieh joined the top management team, deciding to transform the company’s identity through a new culture, employee satisfaction and customer service plan, the risk was substantially reduced. Cultural narcissism can be illustrated in the top management teams if the organizational culture revolves around the CEO (or one exemplary person), which in turn could directly lead to a cultural decline upon the resignation of the CEO. Zappos is quite the opposite, “Hsieh (does) not see himself as the center of the happiness movement – (he) thought it was putting a company at risks if there was one person that was the image of the organization”, says Alfred Lin (COO). Moreover, if all members create the company culture, the organizational model is very difficult to duplicate and increases their comparative advantage in the online retail market. Narcissistic behavior, especially the overprotection of self created ideas and self-esteem, can lead to “framing”, one of the behavioral traps(Hammond, Keeney, and Raiffa. 2006). The way a

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