The Influence Of Culture: Two Ways To Belong In America

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Have you ever wondered why some people act the way they act? It really all depends on the way they were raised, and what culture they were raised in. That’s what I have always wondered, how people act the way they act. While some may say that culture is the only way to learn about others. I believe one’s culture occasionally informs the way one views the world because our experiences are what truly shapes our views, which is illustrated in personal experiences and literature. In some cases, our culture, informs our perspectives but in others, it has no direct influence. To begin, the way personal experiences have an effect on one’s culture is by having their own personal experiences, in that culture. And by their own perspectives of their own decisions in their life. For example, in the essay “Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee in paragraph 6 it says “by choosing a husband who was not my father’s selection, I was opting for fluidity”. What this explains is the person that’s disobeying her culture, which she switched to another culture. By letting her personal experiences make her decisions in her life, and doing what is right for her. The author…show more content…
For example, people can describe a culture in literature terms by writing in letters. The letter “An Indian Father’s PLEA” by Robert Lake (Medicine Grizzlybear) in paragraph 14 it says “ he came home crying and he said he wanted to have his hair cut. He said he doesn’t have any friends at school because they make fun of his long hair.”. The author is explaining how Wind-Wolf is having a hard time trying to adapt to the new school. Wind-Wolf’s heritage and his education have an effect on his learning, by not knowing how many months are in the year and how many moons are there. He is still in his Indian culture, abiding the Indian months and nature. But Indians and Americans have a constitutional right to learn about one’s
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