The Influence Of Disney Princesses

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The Disney Princesses are perhaps one of the most iconic groups of women in popular culture. Each new Disney princess bring with it a pristine image of feminine beauty, one that fits perfectly into society’s idea of beauty. With Disney being one of the world’s biggest and increasing monopolies and showing no signs of stopping, their influence on children is huge. Specifically, Disney’s brand is a test of how the brand affects kids philosophically. Clearly, being exposed to a brand at a young age will imprint on what ideals and opinions a child consumes in their early years of development.Regardless of your views of Disney princesses, it’s important to view and assess the impact it has on a person’s knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.
Disney has a large role in how children perceive how women should act and how men should act in their daily lives, especially when interacting with one another. Dawn Elizabeth England, a family studies professor at Arizona State University, outlines that gender role depictions of the prince and princess characters were examined in her work with a focus on their behavioral characteristics and climactic outcomes in the films. England suggest that the prince and princess characters differ in their portrayal of traditionally masculine and feminine characteristics, these gender role portrayals are complex, and trends towards equality between gender roles are not linear over time. Although both the male and female roles have changed over
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