The Influence Of Diversity In Disney Movies

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The focus on this culture talk is about how we live in a society that values and praises their “ideal” version of beauty, and how other people perceive it. When a magazine, show or commercial comes out with a girl who is skinny people get angry and then turn to social media and start ranting about how those images make them feel sick and that they are the reason they don't love themselves.They feel like they aren't being represented and they lash out. Many people also complain about how animated movies, specifically Disney, extremely exaggerates the bodies of their animations and that those images start to influence children at an age that is much too young and that is why so many people grow up to have lower self esteems. In my household ever since I was a child all I watched were Disney movies. I would watch them and re-watch them for hours until my mother would make me stop and make me do something else. Whenever I watched those movies I didn't fantasize about being their size or having their hair. I fantasized about being a princess, having magical powers, and being able to talk to animals. I was a child I didn't even fully understand what the movies are about or focused on the plots of the…show more content…
Those people have their own feelings and they can't change the fact that that is the way they look and that is how they most feel beautiful. When people criticize those actors or models for being too thin or unrealistic it makes them hypocrites. They are making themselves seem ignorant. I don't think that the media purposely make tries to give unrealistic beauty standards I think that society takes it up the butt. The media isn't showing the ideal beauty it's showing lifestyles, clothes, and products but people are too focused on being negative about
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