The Influence Of Dual Identity

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Seven billion contrasting identities exist; each one's selfhood varies from one to another. Your identity is what defines you; it's what makes you who you are. That's why people define identity as the original characteristic of a specific individual. An individual layouts his or her identity through his or her's identifications with others; primarily family and sometimes friends. A person's selfhood is a unique label that's going to stay with him or her for the rest of his or her life and is going to be recognized by it whether he or she is an admirer of his or her identity or not. Because of that, people can't change their identity whenever they're bored or feel like undergoing a change, no matter what you say or do you'll always…show more content…
''At that age, if one’s name is changed, one develops a curious form of dual personality'' (Rau, 1951). Dumas and Rau both had to cope with a dual life; Dumas lived a hard life growing up because of her name while Rau faced racism because of her race (Indian). People couldn't pronounce or remember Dumas' name and sometimes they made fun of her by calling her funny/offensive names that's when she decided she had enough of this and took the decision in changing her name to Julie because it sounded American and was easier for everyone to remember and pronounce. At first she was enjoying being Julie and having everyone say Hi to her, talking to her with no difficulties in remembering her name, and having lots of friends but then they started talking bad about her people, iranians, infront if her because they thought she was American. When Dumas started going to college she went back to using her original but then she gradauted and started looking fo jobs unfortunately no one hired her because of her foreign name so she went back to naming herself Julie. Also, when her childhood friends would meet with her school friends they would start wondering and asking her questions like who's Julie and what does she have to do with you she ignored the questions because she didn't know what to say. She eventually got married and had children so she wasn't put in a position where…show more content…
When Rau faced racism she was five years old, an innocent child who had no idea why her classmates were laughing at her. But it didn't last for long because as soon as she dropped out from school and went back to homeschooling she stopped encountring racism. On the other hand, Dumas woke up to being made fun of, not only her but also her whole family faced racism specifically because of their names. Their names were foreign and new to Americans so they had to live with being called weird names because Americans weren't familiar with foreign names. Racism never stopped to Dumas, she had to learn how to not care about what others say and not give it a lot of thought like she used. to. Because at first, she changed her name just to fit in and to stop others from maeking fun of it but then she eventually got married and gave birth to two children it made her realize that what ever she does to change her name she will always be Firoozeh and her children won't judge her because of her name or race and that she will have to get used to the way Americans pronounce her name and even if they did make fun of her it won't affect her and surely won't make her want to change it
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