The Influence Of Electronic Communication In Nursing

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1. Throughout my long nursing career, I have encountered substantial development in the process of communication. Conversely, twenty years ago for me as a novice, the interaction among medical staff and patients were defined as a phone or paperwork information exchange.
However, the act of conveying a message has presently embraced different styles through a various delivery system. In fact, to witness technological influence in nursing profession has made me more sensitive to others who are undecided whether the electronic communication is beneficial as the medical researchers claim.

2. The topic I would like to explore today is the Patients-Centered Electronic Communication which has been evolving towards commonly used interaction among health care professionals and clients. In my current position as an Outpatient Diabetes Educator, I realize that frequent and comprehensive meetings with patients make a substantial difference in diabetes self-management program. Moreover, it is a
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The reason why electronic communication so widely utilized it is that it allows "people to connect, communicate and interact in real time to share and exchange information" ("Guidelines: Social Media and Electronic Communication," n.d. ). Consequently, the patient-centered communication permits to reach individuals who have limited access to healthcare providers, transportation and have lower health literacy with lower income. Moreover, to be successful in diabetes management one may require time, knowledge and commitment with a professional guidance through daily demands of life (Wood, Alley, Baer, & Johnson, 2015). Subsequently, one of the major tools helping providers to face multifaceted hurdles associated with chronic disease control must be unequivocally the technology. Correspondingly, as Kim (2017) reports the nurse-patient communication through telemedicine, for example, cellular phone text messaging improves blood glucose levels evidenced by a decrease in A1C

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